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A Vision for the Future: VPDC on Digitization and Modernization

Digital transformation is becoming a widespread movement across all industries and the construction industry is no different. Albeit slower than most industries, companies are starting to realize the need to adapt to the accelerating pace of digitization and modernization.

Engineering and construction company, Vision Properties Development Corporation has a vision for continuous improvement. It is currently undergoing an ongoing digital transformation to change how its construction projects are delivered, driving down costs and improving overall project execution and timeliness. By leveraging on technology and innovation, the company plans to modernize, advance, improve, and future-proof itself.

Currently, VPDC is modernizing its document control processes and systems through VISION NAS (Network Attached Storage) Synology, the company's own data storage system, spearheaded by its Director and Chief Finance Officer Peter Tan-Chi, Jr.

For Mr. Tan-Chi, “one of Vision’s thrusts is to modernize through technology primarily through digitizing work. We began with a basic NAS and back-end system but are now developing tools to track all the elements of construction we oversee - from construction updates to documentation, and materials tracking. Vision believes these tools will ultimately drive increased productivity, quality, and performance at all our job sites.”

Aside from this, VPDC has also developed its own in-company website which is a one-stop-shop for all its company documents, forms, updates, and learning and development opportunities.

However, despite the accelerating pace of digital disruption, VPDC also recognizes the vital role of all its members to engage and participate in its digital transformation, in order to meet its goals. It endeavors to train its new employees and provide ongoing professional support to existing ones -- such as its recent training programs on utilizing the in-company website, and its new document control system.

Modern and innovative construction will most likely become the norm in the coming years, as innovative solutions demonstrate the potential to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve safety for the construction industry. As digital transformation is quickly gaining momentum, VPDC is exploring other benefits and competitive edge digital technologies could deliver.

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Vision Properties Development Corporation (VPDC), is an engineering and construction company committed to building visions into realities. With over 10 years of experience, VPDC has a proven track record in the engineering, design, and construction of mid and high-rise residential buildings, commercial and industrial projects, and site and utilities development. Differentiated by the quality of its people, VPDC has the relentless pursuit of excellence, a value-driven mindset, and the spirit of innovation. VPDC works to exceed expectations -- committed to delivering quality in every project, always safe, always reliable. For more information, visit

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