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Advocating Quality in Construction Operations through Vision Quality Week

One of the key success factors of any construction project is the quality of the work, which is why quality has to be built into the process of construction, right from planning and all the way to project close-out.

Overlooking quality assurance and quality control procedures in a project can lead to additional expenses, project delays, reworks, and safety risks. With this, the quality assurance and quality control procedures help to confirm that quality standards are implemented on the project site.

Vision Quality Week was spearheaded by Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manager Angelique Calanoc, who led a series of Quality Talks for all our project sites. The goal behind the series of talks was to discuss how to maintain quality standards, eliminate practices that are not appropriate and share best practices for quality assurance in construction operations.

As a builder of mid to high-rise residential buildings, Vision sees value in improving the quality of its built structures through quality materials and careful planning and execution. Eventually contributing to a healthier environment, increasing its sustainability, enhancing the quality of its buildings, and improved safety and working conditions.

For Vision Project Engineer Gabriel Estonilo, “It [quality] is very important because it reflects the workmanship of our company. If we provide quality work with our client, it will build a solid ground for our client’s trust and a long term relationship with them.”

Through the sessions, he says that “We learned that in every work we do, it is very important to always practice the proper methodology of every scope of work to prevent us doing major reworks and rectification in the future. With these being considered, we can say that proper methodology comes with great quality.”

Moving forward, he adds that “We are going to apply this by imposing and practicing these learnings on site. Making sure that our workers are following the right processes on every scope of work we perform. Also, by monitoring them regularly for us to check their progress if it’s still coherent with the proper procedure that we practice in our company.”

Ms. Calanoc hopes that their learnings will go beyond Vision Quality Week and make sure that all staff and workers follow the right processes on every scope of work performed. Aside from this, conducting regular monitoring to check if their progress is still coherent with the proper procedures practiced by the company.

She ends by saying that “I expect that quality will be sustained in Vision through the cooperation of our operations team. As the saying goes, “quality as a group-wide objective and a responsibility of everyone", and with this goal in mind it will help us achieve our vision to be a preferred contractor because of our excellent workmanship. It really starts within the organization before we can make an outside impact.”

Vision is grateful to leaders like Angel and its operations teams that #WorkWithVision. Continuously looking for opportunities to improve its quality and sustainability.

Interested to #WorkWithVision? Go to our Careers Page to find out more.

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