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Building a Culture of Safety in Construction

The health and safety of employees should always be a top priority for any business in the construction industry.

As the Head of the Environment, Health, and Safety (ESH) Department of Vision Properties Development Corporation (Vision), Ryan Revidad, his top priority is maintaining a zero-fatality or zero major accident track record, and compliance with the different regulatory requirements, through promoting a long-term collective commitment towards a safe and healthy working environment at Vision.

In his current role, he goes on to share that: “I particularly enjoy the opportunity to share knowledge with others and see the results of our hard work, through positive changes on site in terms of Environment Safety and Health practices and mentality.”

“It is very rewarding to see all workers and employees report to their work and return to their home safely, free from any sustained injury or illnesses.”

Especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are starting to realize the importance of health and safety, as the threat of COVID-19 is still a looming problem, albeit less severe now.

“We learned to adapt and apply safety measures in order to protect ourselves and ensure that we can continue to perform and provide for the daily needs of our family.”

Safety and health are a collective commitment, and personally, he does his part by following strict protocols required by the government such as wearing a face mask, use of hand sanitizers/alcohol, and social distancing. He also participated in the company programs on adapting a work-from-home setup/arrangement and vaccination programs.

Despite the challenges in advocating and implementing health and safety programs in the construction industry, Ryan stays committed to his goal to living out the Vision core value of Safety and advocating others to do the same.


His advice to his colleagues who feel tired or unmotivated due to stress is not to fret, as this is a normal part of life. During these trying times, we should remember the following:

  • Giving yourself time to rest or having a break and indulging in recreational activities is essential in order to regain your physical state;

  • Ask for the help or guidance of the Lord through prayers, to boost your spiritual state; and

  • Thinking about your family and loved ones who are always there to support and care for you will boost your morale.

Continue to be safe and healthy in all aspects and pass it on by sharing your knowledge on health and safety with others.

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