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Building the Next Generation of Construction Leaders

Engineering and construction company, Vision Properties Development Corporation (Vision) would like to congratulate its second batch of graduates from the Construction Supervisors Training Program (CSTP), last April 23.

In her speech at the graduation ceremony, Vision’s QAQC Supervisor, Jeya Corpuz said that:

“Leadership is not just about superiority, it's about taking a lead and guiding everyone around you, helping them to be the best version of themselves.”

Vision recognizes that leadership and people skills are key components to influence, develop trust, and earn the respect and commitment of team members, ultimately helping to better manage projects. Hence, their support for potential leaders who seek to continuously improve their leadership capabilities through practice, self-reflection, feedback, and learning.

In Photo: Virtual Graduation Ceremony of the new batch of learners of the ILM-Assured Construction Supervisors Training Program (CSTP) - a partnership with PCA, TESDA, and DATEM, Inc.

The CSTP aims to produce qualified, globally competitive, and job-ready construction supervisors needed by the construction industry. It is a 16-week ILM Assured program, including learning courses for enhancement of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in planning and organizing work activities, resolving construction work-related issues, leading workgroups, evaluating workgroup accomplishments, and maintaining quality, environmental, health and safety, and company policies compliance. Organized by the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and DATEM, Inc.

Through the program, Vision’s QAQC Architect, Jefrey Tolentino says he “...learned a lot of new ideas and strategies through all the different topics from our respective instructors from PCA. Having effective communication skills, defining my role as supervisor, setting my team’s SMART goals and objectives, and all laws applicable to the development of the project. It also helped me improve on my time management skills, ability to perform, and timely delivery of reports.”

While for QAQC Architect, Sean Caaway he said that the training exceeded his expectations and he was able to incorporate his learnings from the program into his job. For him:

“Aside from the new lessons taught during the training, I have learned to be more passionate about my work and be more involved in my everyday hustle as a QAQC Architect.”

As a company that highly values continuous learning and improvement, Vision supports its employees’ growth and skills development through training and learning programs.

Building a strong foundation for the next generation of construction industry leaders.

Interested to #WorkWithVision? Visit our Careers Page to learn more about our available job openings and begin your journey towards continuous learning and development.

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