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Built to Achieve and Inspire: Young leaders living out the Vision Core Values

As the management of Vision Properties Development Corporation (Vision) is in the process of transforming and future-proofing the organization, it recognizes the importance of its core values as a driving force for its continuous growth and development.

Its core values serve as the foundation for its organizations and it hopes to further inspire its Kabalikat to live by them, especially through its young leaders leading by example.

For Palladium’s Project Site Supervisor Nhejea David, “one Vision core value that I can apply in my daily life is being competitive because I need to have an initiative mind and be motivated by a desire to win, to commit, and to succeed in what difficulties life has to offer.”

Jea started her journey with Vision as a Site Architect 4 years ago and the most rewarding part of her work is working with inspiring leadership and the professional development she gained through the years. Despite the challenges, she “can share [her] ability and set goals not just personally but also for improvement of [her] team.”

Her advice to her fellow Kabalikat is that “every hardship is a process towards improvement and always having a positive mindset."

While for Terranza Residences’ Project Site Supervisor Edsel Hernandez, “one Vision core value that I can relate to in my life is being committed to achieving my goals no matter how small or big it is.”

Edsel joined Vision, 3 years ago as a Formworks Engineer where he got “the opportunity to meet with workers with their great life experiences and learn from them.”

Whenever he feels unmotivated, he “takes a break and gives [himself] time to re-evaluate [his] purpose.” While his advice to his fellow Kabalikat is to “stop being too hard on yourself, use the weekend to enjoy.”

Terranza Residences Team

Vision is glad to have young leaders built to achieve and inspire their fellow Kabalikat to walk the talk and live out the Vision core values.

Vision is looking for more aspiring young leaders built to achieve and inspire through its core values. Visit the Careers Page for more information on Vision’s current job openings.

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