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Disruption, Digitization, and Dispute Avoidance

Vision Properties Development Corporation joined an online In-House Training on FIDIC Modules 1 and 2.

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted the construction industry landscape, and according to FIDIC Accredited Trainer Engr. Salvador P. Castro, Jr., using FIDIC contracts can help deal with this disruption.

Last June, Vision Properties Development Corporation (VPDC) sent 2 representatives to FIDIC Modules 1 and 2 Training by the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA), PCA Foundation, and the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (commonly known as FIDIC, acronym for its French name Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils). The aim of the program is to boost the competency of Filipino professionals and contractors as they navigate in the new normal of the construction industry landscape.

Module 1 explains and illustrates the use of the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction and the FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build. While Module 2 is designed to provide practical advice to those working with the FIDIC conditions of contract in the management of claims, understanding, defending and achieving the resolution to claims, and the workings of the Dispute Adjudication Board and Arbitration.

According to one of our participants in the training, Ms. Izee Indidaño, she said that she “learned from the discussion, the FIDIC five (5) golden principles; (1) the definition of duties, rights, obligations, roles, and responsibilities of all the Contract Participants (2) to raise clarification on the contract content that is drafted unclear and ambiguous (3) the identification of project risks, their allocation, and the various causes of claim which can emerge over a construction contract (4) the time bar provisions or reasonable duration of the Contract Participants to perform their obligation and (5) the dispute processes, avoidance and resolution.”

She goes on to say that she feels lucky to have gotten the chance to attend the FIDIC Training. "The training was absolutely superb, I was thrilled and challenged the whole time because I need to work and listen attentively at the same time. The content was informative and useful to my day to day undertakings at work. It refreshes my ideas on the contract management that I was able to share with my peers and my teams. The project cases and issues that I have been through were given a clear understanding and justification. Definitely, a must-have training for my team and for the project managers too."

"Having a comprehensive understanding on the contract management, claims and disputes is very vital in building relationships and completing building transactions. The understanding, awareness and keeping up to date of the parties contractual obligations prevent conflicts, maintain project efficiency and savings."

VPDC is committed to upskilling its people by supporting and providing further learning and development opportunities, in the relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement.


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