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Kabalikat sa Kaligtasan: 2nd Batch of VPDC Employees Get Vaccinated Through QC-Protektodo

Safety is one of the core values of Vision Properties Development Corporation (VPDC), which is why it recognizes its role in raising awareness and promoting COVID-19 vaccination among its employees and staff, to foster a healthy, safe, and COVID-free work environment.

QC-Protektodo | St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City (August 13, 2021)

Just this August 13, another 36 VPDC employees got vaccinated against COVID-19 thanks to QC-Protektodo: Quezon City’s mass vaccination program, in partnership with the Philippine Constructors Association and St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City.

Vaccines are an important tool to help stop the pandemic, and VPDC’s Kabalikat are committed to get vaccinated and helping build vaccine confidence in the Vision community.

VPDC Project Supervisor Kier Antonio shares that

"Vaccination is important because it gives your body the first line of defense against disease.”

He also recommends having it as soon as possible rather than regretting it later on. He decided to get vaccinated to lessen the probability of being infected from the virus (COVID-19), as well as keeping his family and friends safe.

VPDC Purchasing Assistant Kerby Acoba shares he got vaccinated “to protect myself, my family and also my co-employee's from the virus COVID-19.” He adds

"I am thankful to Vision because I had already gotten my first dose. As of today, the only way to get back to normal life is through vaccination. The virus will never be gone unless we are all vaccinated. To my fellow Filipinos, let's fight COVID! Get your vaccine!”

Aside from this, the management of VPDC has been implementing various policies and guidelines that will help it COVID-proof its offices and project sites -- with the end goal of protecting its employees, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Its management also highly encourages its employees and staff to register and get vaccinated through their own Local Government Units, while the vaccines it had purchased has not yet arrived.


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