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Our vision of the future: Construction Transformation

In the pursuit of excellence and transformation, Vision Properties Development Corporation (VPDC) invited Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) Executive Director Barry Paulino to talk on the future of the Philippine construction industry, and the importance of upskilling and upgrading, to VPDC employees.

Photo of Barry Paulino
Mr. Barry Paulino - Executive Director of Philippine Constructors Association Inc. (PCA)

According to the Philippine Construction Industry Roadmap 2020-2030, the Philippine Construction Industry envisions to be a global partner in building nations.

“As globalization accelerates its pace and as economies around the world continue to expand and integrate with the aid of digital and other modern technologies, the industry needs to catch up to this trend and go global—to enhance its competitiveness in order to suitably address the evolving needs of the domestic and global markets— infrastructure within the Philippines and their corresponding home countries for future generations.” (Philippine Construction Industry Roadmap 2020-2030)

It also estimates some 7.1 million people in the construction industry workforce will have a new and improved set of skills and professional competencies that incorporate modern technology, innovation, and digitization to improve productivity.

For PCA, despite the unprecedented setbacks from the onset of the pandemic, it has also accelerated the long-overdue transformation of the industry. Companies and employees alike need to adapt to the changes learning how to use new tools, operate new systems, and programs and have a commitment to continuous growth, learning, and development.

With the rise of online learning opportunities, Mr. Paulino encourages VPDC employees to take advantage of these free learning opportunities and take the time to enroll in online courses or attend webinars, to stay ahead of the curve and stay up-to-date on industry trends and innovations.

He ends the session with his top 3 advice to VPDC employees: “(1) Do not procrastinate; (2) Be disciplined; and (3) Read, read, read, and learn.”


VPDC Employees with Mr. Barry Paulino

The session was also attended by members of the VPDC Executive Committee namely: Mr. Harrier Ongsun, Head of Operations; Mr. Peter Tan-Chi, Chief Finance Officer; and Mr. Albert Ignacio, President and CEO, who is also a Board Member of PCA and the Chairman of its Talent and Capacity Development Committee.

VPDC is an active member of PCA and will continue to support it in building the bridge to the future and in nation-building.

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