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Upskilling and Career Pathways: Vision equips on-site building professionals with new skills

Engineering and construction company, Vision Properties Development Corporation (Vision) supports the continuous learning and development of its employees. Employee growth initiatives and skill-development programs are just two of its long-term strategies to provide the foundation for empowering its employees towards success.

Just this February 19, 2022, the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), and D.M. Consunji Technical Training Center (DMCTTC) held the graduation ceremony of its 10th batch of the ILM Assured Construction Supervisors Training Program (CSTP) learners. One of which was Vision’s Site Engineer Mr. Nel Vincent Busa.

Construction Supervisors Training Program NCR Batch 10 - Graduation Ceremony

The CSTP is a 16-week program, that is a combination of lectures and apprenticeship on-site, designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes in planning and organizing work activities, resolving construction work-related issues, leading workgroups, evaluating workgroup accomplishments and maintaining quality, environmental, health and safety, and company policies compliance.

For Nel, the CSTP met his expectations and goes on to say that “the soul topic of the discussion was really all about attitude improvement when it comes to handling problems on-site as well as personal circumstances”

At first, he seemed a bit overwhelmed with the program but later on shares his 3 key insights from the program. He goes on to share that these are:

1. Communication Skills

"I learned how to improve my communication skills either with my subordinates or with my supervisors and other stakeholders. Always keep in mind the word RESPECT. "

2. Problem Solving Skills

"My understanding with the different kinds of techniques in solving critical problems became broader than before when it comes to identifying the right root cause and developing the right solution for it. Practice asking 5 Why's to elaborate on where you would like to start in solving the problems. "

3. SMART Goals

"Lastly, setting SMART Goals is really a fundamental strategy in making yourself a productive individual."

Engr. Nel Busa working on-site

The program has greatly helped him in his role as a Project Engineer - conducting himself professionally, and learning how to handle the different types of stakeholders that he is exposed to.

He strongly encourages his fellow Kabalikat to go for this one-of-a-kind training program and participate in other training programs offered by Vision to its employees. He says that “this will help each individual in doing their part, complimentarily to the mission and vision of the company, "to serve and build on our competencies and client interests".

Rightmost: Engr. Nel Busa with his colleagues at the site

Vision recognizes that having a good construction site supervisor is crucial to maintaining employees’ productivity and morale. A great supervisor strives to continually learn, to build upon their strengths, and to identify areas of weakness in which to improve, just as Nel did.

There are always new skills to be learned, especially in the construction industry. Vision invests in its people, the future of the company and the industry.

Interested to #WorkWithVision? Go to the Careers Page to find out more.

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