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Vision Celebrated a Different Kind of Love on Valentine's Day: Employee Appreciation

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we often think of romance, flowers, gifts, and fancy dinners. But this year, Vision Properties Development Corporation (VISION) decided that it would be a good chance to celebrate a different kind of relationship: that of a Team Leader and their Team Members.

Just this Valentine’s Day, VISION held an event entitled “Valentine’s - Day Off”, giving all its Team Leaders the opportunity to nominate one of their team members to receive an additional one day paid leave, in recognition of their hard work and dedication to their work.

As people are working longer hours, commuting further, looking after their families, while pursuing other hobbies and interests, days off from work gives us some time to rest and focus on ourselves.

Tender Planning and Estimating Head, Carla Cabingas with Team Member, Ian Dente

One of the Vision Team Leaders and Commercial and Contracts Head, Izee Indidano said that giving an additional paid leave to team members will give her team a great delight.

As someone working in the construction industry, Cost Control Engineer Kemberlyn Mapa says that she is thankful for the “great honor and excellent support given by you and all the team leaders in organizing this event, Valentine's Day Off”. She feels “ honored receiving the reward because all efforts, success, dedication and achievements at work were appreciated and the appreciation brings sweet joy to me.” She is thankful for the confidence and trust in her, and shares that everything that she has achieved could not have been done without her team leader and mentors, Commercial and Contracts Head Izee Indidano and Project Manager James Gamon. Their guidance and support were instrumental in helping her achieve my professional goals, and for that she is forever grateful.

While for Accounting Assistant Jayson Espinosa, he says that he feels “blessed and humbly honored for this reward” . Prior to finding out that he won the additional one day paid leave, he felt that whoever gets nominated from his team would deserve it because of all their hard work, dedication, and passion to their respective work. For him, “having this additional paid leave will help me refocus and relax my mind, reduce stress, will improve my mental health and reevaluate my goal.”

Team Member Jayson Espinosa with General and Corporate Accounting Head, Noemi Gamboa

VISION’s commitment to its kabalikat is one of the company’s core missions and offering the best possible working conditions. VISION believes in looking out for the wellbeing of its kabalikat at work, and combining operational excellence with rewards and recognition.

Interested to #WorkwithVision? Check our career opportunities in our Careers Page now.

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