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Vision’s Vine Residences Records Over 3M Safe Manhours

Vision Properties Development Corporation would like to congratulate its Vine Residences team for surpassing a significant milestone in safety – more than Three Million Man-Hours worked without a lost-time injury.

The Three Million Safe Man-Hours is a significant achievement for the construction industry as safety, health, and environmental awareness continues to gain momentum in the industry.

With Safety being one of its core values, Vision’s Environment, Safety, and Health (ESH) unit are on top of ensuring stringent health, safety, and environmental practices at all its project sites. Such initiatives include performance-based strategies, safety campaigns, health monitoring, regular drills, and simulation exercises.

Vine Residences

As a background, the Vine Residences Project began on 22 April 2017, from which they continue to achieve a safety milestone of having a ZERO Fatality Incident prior to its operations and from its employees, which accumulated more than three(3) million running safe manhours, and at the same time continuing to maintain a low recordable injury rate.

Vision’s Commitment to Safety

According to Vision’s Assistant Manager for Corporate ESH, Ryan Revidad “we are committed to the principle that there is no phase of its operations that is more important than doing the job safely and preventing accidents. Because of the nature of our business, the potential for serious injury is always present in the workplace hence the company believes that accidents are preventable and that it is up to each of us to ensure that we practice safety as a routine part of our daily work.”

Long-term Collective Commitment

This safety milestone is the product of a long-term collective commitment of everyone - including the staff, subcontractors, clients, and other stakeholders on site.

Mr. Revidad goes on to share that through Vision’s programs, training, and employee awareness to strengthen safety culture and emphasize supervisor’s accountability for their crews and each employee is held accountable for their actions.

“On all jobs, a system of work is being implemented like toolbox meetings, safety inspections, pre-job safety assessments are completed to identify and correct all hazards before commencing work and ensure that all works are safe and authorized by means of a permit system. All incidents and accidents including near misses are reported, investigated, and reviewed on a regular basis, where recommendations for correction are made and proper identification of root causes to prevent recurring incidents/accidents.”

Albeit the challenges brought about by the ongoing pandemic, this did not hinder Vision, especially the Vine Residence team from working towards its safe man-hours.

The management recognizes its front-line task force, project management team, ESH team on-site, subcontractors, suppliers, and everyone who has contributed to this remarkable achievement.

A celebration is expected to be held along with the project turnover ceremony in order to celebrate this achievement, and Vision’s culture of safety while working toward project completion.

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