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Vision Values Mental Health

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 crisis has created new and often stressful realities for employees. As the pandemic presses on, people struggle to cope with not only the pandemic, but also with the lengthened periods of isolation, demanding work schedules, and busy home lives.

Aside from this, construction is the type of industry where pressures can be high, and people can be more likely than average to experience work-related stress and other mental health issues.

In this new workplace reality, Vision Properties Development Corporation (Vision) sees the need to prioritize the mental health of its employees now more than ever. In which it has organized the first of many mental health initiatives such as its webinars on “Dealing with Work Stress in the midst of a Pandemic” and on “Mindful Leadership”, in partnership with Etiqa Life of Providence Hospital and Philinsure.

At Vision, the days of not talking about mental health are gone, as it encourages its employees to start conversations about mental health, and is looking into providing more mental health support to its employees.

HR Supervisor Alen Boquila says that “as an employee it’s very important to have good mental wellbeing at the workplace to be more productive, and these programs give us ideas on how to manage our own mental health at work. When asked about what she thought about the mental health webinar, she adds that “it is very relevant to me, my situations, and situations of the people I am in contact with. It was packed with good material that I have put into practice and also want to try in the future.”

As an employer, Vision recognizes its role to play in both highlighting the importance of early intervention and in providing necessary resources to its people. In line with its Mental Health Workplace Policy, it is currently working on improving working conditions and providing access to health and safety resources to its employees.

Vision invests in its people by placing importance on employee well-being and mental health. Interested to work with Vision? Go to our Careers Page.

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