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#WomenWithVision: Senior Estimator Vina Korina Solidum

Construction has always been perceived as a traditionally male-dominated industry, especially here in the Philippines. However, more and more women are breaking boundaries and making it big in the world of construction.

For whatever reason it may be, whether challenging a decades-old norm of construction being a “man’s world”, or simply following their dreams, Vision Properties Development Corporation (Vision) aims to highlight the extraordinary roles of the women of Vision and how they are trailblazers and advocates of change, this Women’s Month - how they are #WomenWithVision.

Vision’s Senior Estimator Vina Korina Solidum says that the best thing about the construction industry is “the projects we worked on can make a mark for long periods of time. I can enumerate the effects of the industry on the economy, environment, etc. but personally, it's also a sense of pride. In ten years' time, whenever I ply through Metro Manila and see the projects I worked on for 16 hours a day, I can proudly say I worked on that building.”

As a Senior Estimator, Vina also goes on to share that one of the best parts about her job is the “...challenge. To be able to finish an estimate of a project in a limited amount of time is a stressful but fulfilling endeavor. But another part of my job that is better than the challenge is winning the projects we stressed and lost sleep for”. While the most memorable moment of her career was being able to attend the Masterclass for Quantity Surveying by the Philippine Constructors Association and the Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors, which she describes as a daunting but honorable opportunity to be able to learn from the elite Filipino Quantity Surveyors from all over the world. A program supported by Vision, that broadened her perspective on the potential of her career as an engineer.

In the future, she hopes to see more female figureheads in construction. To inspire more young women to pursue a career in the construction industry whether as an engineer, architect, or interior designer.

Her advice to young women interested in pursuing a career in construction: “Don't be afraid to make mistakes. It will take time to find your place in the industry but you will find it. The most important thing is you have the right foundation to last long in the industry, and how to do that? By learning from everyone.”

At Vision, empowered women help empower women. Vina is a part of #WomenWithVision that helps us pave new roads to a more diverse and inclusive space for future generations, together with the other women of Vision.

Interested to #WorkWithVision? Check out our Careers Page for more information.

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